The Pack EP

by The Wolf Explosion

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released April 30, 2010

Keith Kristich
Jeremy Raff
Bryan Overland
Meghan Werhle
Jonathan Spear

all play instruments.



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Track Name: The Gala Sees
You know me to the core
i know i spread my seeds too far
off to places they shouldnt go
when i cant help them germinate at home
I want to teach my seeds to grow
but sometime i feel that i dont even know/
myself,how can i tell you how to sprout leaves
when i dont even know this leaf from that

I truly want to teach them things
but i have so much mand things i want to learn
i search for hope and love within the city
but im not sure if i can ever find it there
I know i break your heart, and so i repent
i repent, i repent
and then i begin again

I fall wellside as a pome
ever lost without my home with hopes
to fall on a richer ground
But theres no greater soil to be found!
ill just let these viens to grow
wont wait until my roots take hold
cause i dont know but ill never know

Ill never know never know never know
Track Name: Swallow
Oh oh lord
dont send your rope down to me
i dont think im gonna catch it
think ill do as i please

The boatmans coming out to sea
but that man drowned long ago
into sweet salient things
transparent as the ocean breeze

you cant pull him up now
he doesnt want to let go
not sure if i can blame him
sometimes i wish i was still in his bones
Track Name: Cellar
as you look at the ruins of all of the places that youll never g
trap me up in the way back, tripping on my heels again
this civilization aint so civilized for you and me i think you know (at beginning start crooning)
i think i could be somewhere far away from here

babababa x4

walk into my my freezer now
ive got something i need to talk about
lets talk a bout this as civilized men
but we all know that aint gonna happen now

bababab x4
Track Name: One Head
we just one finger, one tip on a hand
we’re just one limb, just a limb on just one man
we are the body, that rose from dead
we are the body, let us prove we have one head
OMG come and save us, come and save us from ourselves
OMG come and wake us come wake us from this hell
o god we are drifting, we’ve fallen far from you
OMG come and show us, come show us what to do

the blind man he sees you, the mute man he sings
the deaf man he hears’ him, he hears everything
a dead man he’s sleeping O God come wake him up
the dead man he’s weeping o god came fill his cup
he wants the freedom, that came from the cross
he wants this freedom, cuz this dear boy is lost
allow him to see You and allow him to feel
allow him to know You and know that You are real

We wade and we walk down that dirty dust road
And we wink as we nod, we bend down to kiss that toad
In the hope and the dream that this toad will do as told
In the hope and the dream that this toad will turn to gold
But the wart on his back, it is big and it is black
It is blue, it is brown and we mistake it for a crown
So get off of your thrown and go see the seed you’ve sown
Yes get off of your thrown yes and go and fetch that bone
Because it’s God’s Turn
Track Name: Streets and Squares

I was only 16 when I stood upon your doorway,
Wished that I could hold your hand again
And never let it go

Now its three years later and we’re standing here together
Same conversion but Alas
I have to go

Someday I do promise we wont have to be departed,
We can hold these moments one by one,
In our palms like that of God

And I cant wait until you and I we can walk together
Through the night and wake in the dawn
Forgotten by the sun.

Oh, oh oh Im gonna make it happen
Oh oh im gonna make it happen
Im gonna make it real
Gonna make it oh so real

Verse 2:
Walking round the city I thought would make me feel better
But nothing ever can replace
What we’ve always had.

And all of the distractions that I try to make it quicker
But nothing ever makes me forget
It all reminds of you.

People seem to wonder why the hell are we together
I guess I would say the same if I
Didn’t know this was True.

I have loved more and more each winter,
Winter seems to never end round here,
So I guess this love grows through.


Oh, oh oh Im gonna make it happen
Oh, oh oh Im gonna make it happen
Oh, oh oh Im gonna make it happen
Aye aye aye aye Coming home